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Honestly, not much yet. I'm waiting on services from the clearnet to be accessible on I2P. Also, it's really slow so besides text and images, I can't consume videos reasonably. They'd have to load for a few minutes before being watchable.

I2P doesn't have that killer app or service yet. It needs something like PopcornTime or Napster (yeah, I'm old) that can excite the masses. People don't care about privacy or anonymity, just that stuff looks nice, is free and works fluidly; that's what I2P needs.

What would y'all consider a killer app for I2P?


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It's a public institution you are forced to go to.

Because of corona lots of children had classes from home with a camera pointed at their face, anyway

Once again, forced. Forcing people to do one thing and then justifying something else because "obviously they're OK with the latter" is not a very good argument.

Do you think forcing somebody to look at a camera means:

  • they will comprehend what's being said
  • they will hear what is being
  • that they are paying attention
  • that the material they are being show is good



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Don't ublock and umatrix block resources from external sites by default? The whole website might show up as a jumbled mess for me. I always try to keep the number of 3rd party request low and especially if the website isn't important to me, I'd stop using it if it required too many external resources.

Plus, if they're that lax about security, who knows what else is lurking? Wouldn't surprise me if their ssh user and password were admin:passw0rd! or something.

P.S I'm glad that's not what you were suggesting to use here because then I'd have quit immediately.


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You're probably running Ubuntu or Debian, right?

I'd shutdown the node and simply tar /var/lib/i2p/, install I2P on the new device, make sure it's off, rm -rf /var/lib/i2p, untar your backup archive and chown -R i2psvc /var/lib/i2p (change the owner to the i2p service). Then you can start i2p up again.

Never done that before, but I think that's they only state i2p stores.


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Unfortunately, the climate created by the US media has been very successful at dividing the population and making it controllable this way. It reaches outside of the US borders too.

This isn't only a problem on the right either. The left employs the same techniques: making fun of the right, trying to offend "the other side", acting offended and shocked once attacked, retreating to echo chambers, invading spaces that have nothing to do with politics, "you're either with us or you're against us".

Both sides think they're right and refuse to find middle ground. It's happening in so many groups "us vs. them". There are no winners and nobody's completely correct or wrong.