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It's not something usable on random criminals. In a sense it is do-not-care. If what was possible would be used for everything, everyone would be more or less aware, making it much less useful. Like the heart attack gun the CIA has since the 1960s. It's used sparingly enough for most people to not even know that it exists. (It's basically an untraceable killing method with a disintegrating projectile that induces a heart attack int he victim.)

What you describe isn't something the people with access to the good stuff would be even aware of, I believe. Too insignificant to reveal their hand.


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No worries about downtime.
Not sure how to grow a site, but I'm trying to contribute. Even if its kind of like talking to a void sometimes. I'm also not having that much time in a day I can waste on the Internet, so there's that.

Did we even have spam and/or illegal stuff recently?
..does piracy count as illegal stuff?


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The difficult part is figuring things out. You'd be amazed how easy stuff is once someone else has figured it all out. Scientific papers mostly are written to be obtuse on purpose. But they don't matter. The data the paper is based on matters.

Scientific papers remind me of translators that want to be clever in their subs. I watch a lot of foreign language stuff and there have been occasions, when I was understanding the original language that I don't actually speak for a sentence, but couldn't make sense of the English subtitles under it.

Science really isn't that hard. There's just some gatekeeping involved, but once you see past the bullshit, it's fairly simple. And yes, I trust myself more than journalists to understand the underlying data.

As for climate stuff, I haven't found any data that paints the picture the media is selling. I keep asking for data when the topic comes up, but no one has been able to provide anything so far proving that humans influence the climate. Yeah, temperatures go up (global warming), but then not consistently, so the buzz word got changed, but that's just climate in general. Some glaciers have been melting for hundreds of years and I've also heard that we are at the end of an Ice Age. Earth had a couple of those before humans even were around. And yeah, when they end things tend to get warmer.

By the way, did you hear what happened to the ozone hole? This was all over the media some twenty odd years ago with the goal to ban something and then they did and everyone just stopped talking about it. I'm pretty sure it's still there, though. But I guess no one wants to use it's existence to ban something anymore.


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How do you tell that what is spread is disinfo and not truth? Nothing in the video proves that their point of view is the truth.

The reason science lost trust is because it got peddled in the media to further someone's goal. When was the last time someone showed you the actual data and not the conclusion he wanted you to reach? When was the last time someone wanted you personally to reproduce his cool experiment to see whether you'd get the same result?

Science as the media peddles it is nothing but marketing to make you believe certain things. Science™ said it, so it must be true. Except that's not how science works.

In actuality science isn't so complicated that only some "scientists" can understand it and the public doesn't really need the media playing "translator" to what "scientists" said. Especially since everyone knows that the media is full of shit concerning topics he himself knows something about. There's no reason to believe that it isn't full of shit for the stuff we don't know much about, either. Can't blame them, either. Reporters can't know everything. That's why their job used to be to only report on what they saw. Or at least that's what would make more sense than them trying to translate to the public what so called scientists say, without understanding anything themselves.

But then, whenever you take a look at the data, there's nothing really conclusive and the whole thing about how nobody can replicate results from experiments anymore is so well known that it got it's own Wikipedia article: "The Replication Crisis".

Doesn't stop NPCs from gobbling up what the media peddles about science as fact. Like the stupid climate change thing, which is full of holes if you look at the actual data. It's just that the media has repeated this bullshit over decades again and again, that by now lots of people actually believe in man made climate change.


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Everything is transitory. Without someone making an effort to preserve it, everything will be lost to time eventually.

I'm an archivist by nature. I have an innate desire to preserve things. That's why I got ~30TB worth of data, growing.

Looking back at movies from the 1920s pains me, since most of them are lost. And that's only going back a mere hundred years. Since Old Earth is a thing that is plausible, humanity might have survived multiple extinction events which occur about every 10.000 years or so. Each time whatever we build up got destroyed so hard, that even the knowledge that it ever existed is now lost. All that remains are myths about an event cheerfully described as the apocalypse.

What's a mere blog compared to the accumulations of the entire human race? Multiple times over, no less.

Everything is transitory. Including our very universe.