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Sad thing is, as we've seen in recent years, banking can be completely political. We saw those Canadian truckers and their supporters get their bank accounts frozen, we've seen merchant account platforms like PayPal and Stripe close access to companies based on frivolous reasons.

Cash is still king.


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I definitely recommend listening to the entire testimony. Once past the normal boring introductions and listening to the three witnesses it gets really good.

Could it be a giant psyop? Sure. Three witnesses were highly credentialed and under oath, but that could be all part of the 'bigger plan' if a giant psyop. If it was, then what for? This hardly got any main stream media coverage so if it was a coverup for something else, it was a piss poor coverup since the only news being regurgitated that day was of our imagining politicians freezing in place (Mitch McConnell) and how hot it was outside.


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Yeah, I'm not sure why this wasn't publicized more or why even on reddit it never made it to /r/news, for example. Most the articles I did read or skim through were vague and didn't really touch base on much of the key points or claims made. Only places I could find on reddit giving an honest go-over was places like /r/conspiracy or, of course, /r/ufos .

I'd say to date it's the most credible and open discussion on the topic. The links you shared are certainly good reads, but submitted by people with unknown credentials and without being under oath in front of congress, though what they stated is very similar to what was shared on Wednesday before the world.

A personal experience of my own: As a kid in the early 90's, and in a very rural part of America, I always had a clear view of the night sky. My childhood was spent outdoors, climbing trees, building forts in the woods and just laying down in the yard at night staring at the stars.

I very distinctly remember seeing a large triangle shaped object one night, with the blunt side moving forward slowly and the pointy tip being the rear of the... thing. It seemed low to the ground (a few hundred feet maybe) and I recall a light in each corner and it moving slowly, that's it. I've never seen anything else in my life since then like that, and then probably about 6 or 7 years ago while sitting around a camp fire sharing some beers with some hikers (strangers) at a shared campsite we all happened to stop at one night while hiking a long trail in the region, we start swapping stories and someone else from the same general area as me mentioned seeing the exact same thing one night during the same timeframe (early 90's), this was mentioned before I had said anything at all. What he described was exactly what I had observed all those years prior.

There is also a military installment nearby, so the 'easy explanation' is that it was simply some experimental military craft that can move slowly, quietly, and 'backwards' (blunt side forward, pointy side backward). We'd occasionally have the house rattled due to sonic booms from military test flights back then, so there was definitely military activity and training in the area during this time period as well. Still eerie to think about it all these years later.

Had a family member in the Air Force who spent a lot of time out in New Mexico, and closer to his death he'd tell some stories. Many seemed like tall tales, but this is a man who wasn't much for gloating or bragging. I think a lot of what he shared was more, "heard through the grapevine", so to speak. He wasn't a front line grunt by any means, but certainly wasn't high up on the totem pole either.

Who knows.

Just seems implausible to think that we're alone and that the elements we require for life are the same elements required for other life. I hope we see more discourse and open transparent discussion on the subject from the government moving forward though!


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Man, I would have loved to have 25Mbps down previously. Used a rural WISP for a long time, until the company stopped offering the ISP part of it's telecom business. Even then, I could only get about 10Mbps down on a good day. Afterwards, was stuck using a 4G Mobile hotspot in an area where 1 bar of service is standard, two if I walk to the edge of the property. Common speeds for that was 2-3Mbps. I could have gotten ViaSat or something else, but the price, bandwidth cap, reviews and speeds made it seem like a no-go.

Finally after over a year of waiting was able to get Starlink, but it's so costly for the speed and service. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I'd much rather have in-home DSL or something for a quarter of the cost and quarter of the max speed if it was an option here.

This is all within the last few years.

The US is massive and still mostly rural, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to bring fiber to most areas of the country. I feel like you can't drive 100 miles on the interstate without running into some large roadway construction or maintenance project, seems like a good time to build out a larger fiber network and allow ISPs to lease the fiber or something.

And then you have some cities where it's practically ATT and Comcast holding a monopoly on internet, and other cities where there are dozens of small ISPs and multi-gbps fiber to your home or office is an easily accessible and affordable option.


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I have a soft-spot in my heart for these type of people. As an avid backpacker, it's not uncommon to meet folk doing similar things on foot. I've picked up hitchhikers in the past that have similar stories, traveling vast distances. I've shared my home for several days to one of the nicest dudes ever who was bike-packing across America and just wanted to rest for a few days and pitch a tent in the back yard and use a shower. Lot of nice folks out there who may not fit into ordinary roles in modern society but are the most genuine, happy, and free people you may ever meet.