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I never used it much, lurked. Definitely swiped a meme or two from there.

Wasn't a big fan of how clunky and JS dependent the site was, and how little these 'alternative reddit' type sites did little to protect end-user privacy. Pretty much what I said could be applied to the same question if it was about Voat, but Voat had a better interface. Two sites I had accounts on but rarely logged into.


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Is it based there, as in, that is where the company is registered?

Or is it based there, as in, that is where the servers are?

If that's just where the company is registered, no big deal really. (As far as I know) If the servers / infrastructure for the service is there, then that is more worrisome.


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They do this every once in a while. I recall them doing this some years back in NYC.

Similar to military trainings done in cities. Remember the training in Miami almost ten years ago? https://incogtube.com/watch?v=j1BhRNfY1lo . This was in LA more recently: https://incogtube.com/watch?v=cISSyQkm1Ug There are many other examples from other cities over the years as well. It's not exactly uncommon.

Easier than building mock cities to train in urban, at home environments but still scary to witness and always has people wondering, "What if..."


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Encourage them to come here.

The .win community obviously has a more sleek design, but they don't do much in terms of privacy from what I recall. Call me when they allow access through alternative networks and work properly without javascript or 3rd party elements embedded into their site.