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No idea, I just wanted to chime in that it's absolutely ridiculous for an organization or company to require vaccination of members who do not interact directly with other members of that organization.

Such as remote work or online schooling. If you're working from home or studying from home, I don't see how they can require it as you pose no risk to others in that organization.

Good luck.


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But I'll enable the feature if someone wants to create a new one. I'd leave it open but I'm not around enough to feel comfortable doing it, because people will create dumb shit and post it on other sites trying to get this place shut down.

Last time I pitched the idea for asking for community help running this place, people acted like I was personally inviting spooks to help moderate stuff.

So it's sort of a lose lose from a management perspective. I'd like to see this place be more active but the reality is I'm just one person and run a business and work a regular part time job and try to do that while balancing a normal life.


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To be fair, if you're the type of person who may draw any amount of attention to yourself then it's really up to you to use the tools made available to you to keep yourself private.

Sounds like they didn't utilize the onion service. Sounds like they didn't do enough on their own to protect themselves.

While I know this looks bad for ProtonMail, the reality is that service providers aren't investigative units and can only share what information you give them to share when given a lawful order to do so.


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Click with caution.

Unknown Protocol

The address specifies a protocol (e.g., "wxyz://") the 
browser does not recognize, so the browser cannot 
properly connect to the site.

    Are you trying to access multimedia or other non-
text services? Check the site for extra requirements.

    Some protocols may require third-party software 
or plugins before the browser can recognize them.


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What YouTube has that others don't is content. I can't use any alternative as a daily-driver like I can with YouTube. Can't find the music I want, obscure videos on how to replace a random part on an old Mercedes car, or reviews on solar inverters or stand up comedy bits, etc.

The alternative platforms seemingly only shine in hosting content that YouTube doesn't allow. Unfortunately, until they also host content that YouTube does allow they'll never be a normal, mainstream alternative.

So that's why I use Invidious, to at least watch the content that I do like (hosted on YouTube) in a more private way.