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Why are they hard on RAMBLE?

Something to do with me having insensitive humor and me possessing the radical belief in free speech, even speech promoting ideas that I disagree with.

We have a lot more in common than we have in our differences, the main difference is that I don't believe speech needs strict regulation and I don't jump to conclusions about someone's deeply rooted political and personal beliefs based on insignificant online interactions.

With that said, they've got a decent site. Like said over there: they do their thing and we do ours. Nothing to bicker over. A lot of the members here would get banned there, and a lot of the members there would scoff at some of the content here and not return after experiencing an unsavory exchange.

No big deal.


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They'll delete that post and ban you as soon as Zig or Emma comes online since it mentions this site, by the way.

Good to see them upgrade to V3, though.

The software that powers this site was made for that site, by the way. In case you didn't know.


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Not sure what 'police takeover' you seem to think would occur when a moderator literally has no access to anything other than normal moderator actions. IE: Remove spam/posts, all of which is visible via the global mod log and done in a way where I can reverse their actions if I disagree with it. Not like I'm requesting help and giving someone SSH access to the box, ha.

I admit, I've slacked a bit as I've been focused more on my business project than this. I hate my factory job and am trying to grow a business so that I can support myself from it and it alone.

Feel free to pop in or create a new account in the future. Registration is open and I'm still lurking.


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Did we even have spam and/or illegal stuff recently? ..does piracy count as illegal stuff?

Woops, I should have clarified. We've been the target of a couple random raids. One, from Voat, (because shortly after a new Voat member posted this: https://forum.searchvoat.co/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1315 and other similar stuff.

Piracy and stuff is fine. I just mean removing obvious spam, and obvious ultra illegal stuff like CP or posts about specific threats of violence, as well as posts asking for or offering illegal goods. This site is not a dark net marketplace. My provider has made it clear that linking TO suck marketplaces are okay and I believe some links already exist in that regards.