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I already use . Doesn't block anything but everything is uncensored and they keep no logs so I kinda like it . But for my phone , your DNS would be useful ( kinda hard to get adblock on ios !) . And for your VPN , I just have some questions ( I actually use Mullvad , very good vpn btw) : Would you have P2P dedicated servers ? Do I need any personal informations to register ? What is one-month price ? Can I pay in cryptocurrencies or Cash ? Thanks for answering !


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The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine is a chimpanzee adenovirus-vectored vaccine.


That means AstraZeneca vaccine will modify your DNA through an APE modified virus . If you have to get a vaccine, take Pfizer or Sputnik V . ( I took Sputnik V personally and supported it with no problems ) . In France for example , they don't allow AstraZeneca for people younger than 55 years old ( source ) . They are afraid that genetic manipulations with the Ape virus could transmit somes unwanted ape genes to your children ( Agressivity , or else ) . We are basically like laboratory rats with those vaccines . But do not complain about that , like people were complaining about the train in 1900s because they were thinking it was dangerous . It's progress , and nothing can stop it .