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sourcecode related to L0phtCrack also now on GitHub discussion HashCat, retooled to work as a shared library John The Ripper, retooled to work as a shared library


solstice said () (emphasis mine) > I see a lot of comments expressing that all we need is markdown plus this or that little bit. I think that's unreasonable. It might suit Joe developer just fine ... have no interest in trading the modern web - warts and all - for some spartan plaintext utopia.** (emphasis still mine) > I see that they've specified both a transport protocol, to replace HTTPS


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comments) (3 comments) [It was also submitted to HN]( but didn't gain much attention. [Related discussion on raddle](, which was apparently forked


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privacy VM OS and a set of privacy tools, at a public wifi : There are many reasons why you may want to use HiddenVM. **whonix OS! inside HiddenVM


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make these 2001 "almost immortal" root certs very problematic after sept 30 2021 if you read all the info you will see how this is a huge problem, especially