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Relevant links: --- **Privacy Policy:** - - http://webhosting.i2p/privacy ([b32](http://hxqjbkpn5fxnmurlab6oluyqf3dd2xnxszeawn4ak2s4rpjnfheq.b32.i2p/privacy)) - http://incogwebxwgsnbkrquxku3qwh5qkywvlet77st5i5tcvqmq4xdmspuad.onion/privacy **Acceptable Usage Policy and Terms of Service:** - - http://webhosting.i2p/legalstuff ([b32](http://hxqjbkpn5fxnmurlab6oluyqf3dd2xnxszeawn4ak2s4rpjnfheq.b32.i2p/legalstuff)) - http://incogwebxwgsnbkrquxku3qwh5qkywvlet77st5i5tcvqmq4xdmspuad.onion/legalstuff **Client Portal


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proof-of-concept to a large, much bigger idea that I had. So, what _IS_ "INCOG.HOST"? Simply put, it's a web-hosting company. It offers people the ability to publish content and manage ... projects separated or not. In the end, I've decided to just create a forum specific to INCOG.HOST so this is the only place I'll talk about it on this site


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well on Tor ( .onion ), I2P ( B32 | .I2P | helper ) and Yggdrasil ( IPv6 | .ygg ) This instance sponsored by: INCOG.HOST INVIDIOUS is open sourced software: <%= translate(locale, "Released under the AGPLv3 by Omar Roth.") %> Documentation <%= translate(locale, "Current