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check that details on the [Public Peers]( page are still correct. - Changelog: - Downloads: - Benchmarks: - Public Peers:


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Searx]( – A privacy-friendly and versatile metasearch engine that’s also [open source]( 2. [MetaGer]( – An open source metasearch engine with good features, based in Germany ... Iridium]( – Based on open source Chromium, Iridium offers numerous [privacy and security enhancements]( over Chrome, source code [here]( 3. [GNU IceCat]( – A fork ... default. (It also does a good job against [browser fingerprinting]( 5. [Ungoogled Chromium]( – Just as the name says, this is an open source version of Chromium that has been


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Reddit alternatives sorted by software. list version 1.5.0 *** ## lemmy [[repo](] [[site](] - []( - []( [[repo](] - []( (maybe down ... rambleeeqrhty6s5jgefdfdtc6tfgg4jj6svr4jpgk4wjtg3qshwbaad.onion/)] [[I2P](http://ramble.i2p/) | [B32](http://smv3cryi3n7d5ll7xpvlhstubi5yj4dadeltyrdwdr4onwd2jvvq.b32.i2p/)] - []( ## throat [[repo](] - []( - []( - []( ## mastodon [[repo](] [[site]( ...]( (maybe down) - []( [more]( ## ruqqus [[repo](] - []( (down) - []( ### drama [[repo](] - [](


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about it. However, im a Emacs user. Emacs is my window manager with [EXWM]( Therefore, I use 80% of the time the Emacs built-in browser [eww]( Before ... These are text-based browsers. When I need to log into some well-known websites e.g Reddit, Bank etc. I use the Brave-browser, [Min-browser]( or Firefox . These browsers ... YouTube and whatnot. But if I'd ,I'd be using something like the [ungoogled-chromium]( just for Google stuff. Now, I think you get the point. Use different browsers for specific


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tell probably without compiling or downloading chromium yourself and confirming what they try to patch over : and And now I think you are on to a money avenue they ... formally reported 23 hours ago !**: *.onion request in regular window should also avoid DNS leakage #14261*:


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Moon and SeaMonkey is forked from Firefox. But, they are lightweighter than Firefox. I use [uMatrix]( addon for privacy and paformance.\ EWW is very lightweight. But, many website are designed for Chrome ... Firefox. So, EWW can not show those website. **Andoid mobile**\ often use: [Iceraven](, and [Fennec F-Droid]( **68.12**\ sometimes use: Tor Browser, and [Bromite]( Iceraven


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these are the ones I know: * [Piped]( * [libreddit]( also Bibliogram doesn't work anymore :( does anyone know an alternative


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seamlessly and anonymously. Enjoy! [onion search on Ransack.i2p]( BTW, Ransack.i2p is a [searx](\-based meta-search engine on I2P. [http://ransack.i2p](http://ransack.i2p/) [http://mqamk4cfykdvhw5kjez2gnvse56gmnqxn7vkvvbuor4k4j2lbbnq.b32.i2p/](http://mqamk4cfykdvhw5kjez2gnvse56gmnqxn7vkvvbuor4k4j2lbbnq.b32.i2p/) (b32 address ... results between different search engines. Also, Ransack.i2p has a built-in sanitizer proxy (based on [morty]( which might provide some additional security for you. Try "proxied" links


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Active --- [Lynxchan]( has a ton of features, many riced front-ends [NPFchan]( vichan fork, a lot fixes that vichan had, archive feature and few other [TinyIB]( ... /releases/Wakaba/): same as kareha, but database required and few features that kareha does not have [Vichan]( slow development, basically dead Dead


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domains that some of these sites also are available on. I understand that you need Wyrd ( ) OR use the DNS servers that are supplied in that page. I've tried _both_, with


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their bloat if you have [qBittorrent]( (clear net only) with some [search plugins]( (clear net only), like I do (but note that it has a Qt dependency). Also, speaking


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suppose it's pretty much inactive. You might find more info from their github page:


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considered essential here, for some reason. Luckily, the community came to help and made [vaultwarden](, which doesn't have that. If you want an instance, [LavaTech](


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Traditional roguelike game with pixel-art graphics and simple interface. Released on [Github](, [F-Droid](, [Google Play](, and [App Store]( Desktop is released


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SOURCE: ====================================== diff --git a/components/metrics/ b/components/metrics/ index 31fe9b46f1fd26db5fbc04b18fb7ae60abf22b66..3df68e8de74d1fd94e73df322bb232e3f45e036b 100644 --- a/components/metrics/ +++ b/components/metrics/ @@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ namespace metrics { // static bool MachineIdProvider::HasId() { - return true; + return !IsMachineIdDisabled(); } // On windows, the machine id is based