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Rambler said ()

Works and is loading fine here! Nice to see more sites on the Yggdrasil network.


BlueHat OP said ()

I experienced a few errors while posting this. At first, submission returned a 500 internal server error. Trying the second time (after removing the link from the "url" input area) outputed something on the lines of "invalid CSRF token". Third time's the charm - reposting once again yielded no errors. I think this may have something to do with the fact that I am posting from yggdrasil.


solstice said ()

I'm using the clearnet version (six months later, I realize) and I'm still getting the same errors you got, so I don't think it's a Yggdrasil issue.. I had to delete a duplicate post, though.


BlueHat OP said () (edited )

My assumption was that the 500 was somehow caused by the link I posted. I noticed that it's quite common for parsers to break around IPv6 links, like how they sometimes mess up when you put them in markdown or how Firefox tries to encode the square brackets in the url when you copy it from the address bar. Perhaps developers will pay closer attention to these issues if IPv6 ever becomes a norm.