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Yggdrasil v0.4 is released!

This version contains an all-new routing scheme and should hopefully be much more reliable in the face of changing network conditions and mobility scenarios. We also expect to see lower idle traffic usage in this version than in previous versions.

There are a number of other important breaking changes to be aware of, namely that all internal IPv6 addresses will change with this release and that this version will not be able to peer with nodes running v0.3.16 or earlier.

If you haven't read the Preparing for Yggdrasil v0.4 blog post already, please do so, as many of the changes are explained here.

If you are running any internal services, please upgrade as soon as possible and re-submit details to the Public Services page. If you are running a public peer, please also upgrade and check that details on the Public Peers page are still correct.



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Rambler said ()

I'll try to get everything updated this week.


neilalexander OP said ()

Great, let me know if I can be of any help or need user testing. You'll get new IPv6 addresses with this release so you'll need to resubmit Ramble back to the internal services page on the website.