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takeheart wrote

I do not destroy natural systems. Do you?

Overpopulation rhetoric is eugenics, it's origin are people who want others to not reproduce, to have their own genes prevail in the long run. Do you have many children? If no, you're pissing against the wind.

Only I know my capabilities. I see you're getting hostile. Why? I see no reason to get personal over these topics, especially if you value truth. You cannot tackle the truth unless you keep your head cool.


smallpond OP wrote

My head is cool, but there's no point in laboring conversations with fools.


Zenen wrote

You may not destroy natural systems but you are more than likely complicit in their destruction, by supporting businesses and systems that are extractive in nature.

Overpopulation is not a problem (yet), poor allocation of resources is the problem. However, there is truth in what OP says about the lack of sustainability in our strategies.


smallpond OP wrote

Only I know my capabilities.

You probably believe that. The stupidity of a fool is not restricted to the external world. They are just as incapable of comprehending themselves. A significantly smarter person knows the fool better than they know themselves.