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Rambler wrote

I often wondered about how 'safe' it is to have wireless earbuds in all the time.

I used to work for a psychologist that was always on his phone, and he'd rarely have the phone in his hand and up to his ear and always just used the speaker phone feature. (This is pre-smart phones) This meant me having to be quiet in the background and in hindsight, was likely a huge violation of confidentiality between him and his clients.

His idea was that since he's always on the phone (many of his client sessions were just over the phone) that it was safer to do it like this, for his health. He claims to have known colleagues and peers who developed tumors and brain issues "from always having a cellphone up to their ear".

With that said, I still prefer wired headphones but have recently bought a set of cheap bluetooth earbuds for a part time job I picked up. The cord of my wired set was always getting in the way and I hate tucking it in under my shirt because I can feel it. (But I also hate having my wireless ones die mid-shift)

May go back to the wired set.