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Wingless wrote

This seems vastly too optimistic. China has shown how quickly governments go from forcing people onto VPNs to banning those VPNs. Microsoft so far as I understand is already well on the path to banning arbitrary code, such as the code you need for your alternative networks. People hosting nodes for the alternative networks have always been at risk of being targeted and convicted for "distributing child porn" coming encrypted through any peer-to-peer network that doesn't spy on people. And they can still go full-on Russia and jail anybody for any reason and none.

With hundreds of animal species breeding Covid variants, with runaway carbon emissions from a burning Arctic fueling ever-faster global warming, with nuclear war coming at a moment's notice, we all know we're looking down the barrel of the end of the world. What we can do is to adjust our attitude - to stop seeing it as something to fear, but something to give us hope; not an error, but the will of God. We can start thinking about how long we're going to try to hold out and when we're going to stand aside and let the end come. Who knows - maybe something else will do better.