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Wahaha wrote

My response to this challenge is the same as the one to the cold shower challenge. I always take a cold shower. Every day. Forever.

I always use the command line only unless utterly impossible. Every day. Forever.

Browsers are were this falls apart. I'm using qutebrowser, which is kinda close, but it isn't a CLI browser. Most websites are incompatible with CLI browsers, so that's not going to work. I'm also still using a GUI music player and email client. The former because it JustWorks™, but I'm planning on replacing it with mpd and ncmpcpp or whatever it was called. The latter because it JustWorks™ and I'm using it so rarely that it frankly doesn't matter.

I'm doing most of my image manipulation from the cli, though. I also use a script to crawl Youtube for me, so I don't have to actually visit youtube anymore. Newsboat (RSS reader) to "subscribe" to channels and the script to search for videos. Works pretty good.

The reason I mostly use the CLI is because it is more convenient.