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2021.12.28 : Fucked! Nearly EVERY HP SERVER has been Pwned or firmware rootable since 2020 from a ARM SOC on the main server board!! Every server from HP defenseless! Minority Hires in middle management to blame? Idiocy!

A rootkit discovered in-the-wild that hides inside the iLO, cannot be removed by firmware upgrades and can be hidden from the sight for a long time. This malware has been used by hackers for some time
Totally disconnecting the iLO network cable or upgrading firmware to the latest version is NOT enough to prevent malware infection.


The root problem is HP relentlessly phasing out toxic White Male meritocricy in Engineering Management :

HP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything we do.:

TL/DR: HP hiring unskilled Women and HALF-NIGGERS let gaping holes into core security infrastructures of EVERY retarded HP server for many recent years.



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Wingless said ()

I don't get how you get from this sophisticated computer stuff to racist bullshit. I don't even know who the offendingly mixed-race person is you blame for all this. But whoever it is, it ain't the one who designed the server to be utterly dominated by remote-control hackers - that was a design choice made by some "computer entrepreneur", by which I mean a corporate seat filler who gets most of his money from three letter agencies in thinly disguised packages. Is there anybody in the computer industry whose business model is significantly different from an old-time Kapo's?


solstice said ()

OP, do you have brain worms? If these people you seem to hate so much were as incompetent as you say they are, then how did they purposely create a backdoor this sophisticated?


takeheart said ()

I don't think it's half-nigger-women fault it's there in the first place, every corporate monstrosity has it's own arsenal of backdoors. But it may be half-nigger-women fault it was discovered and made public.