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Wahaha wrote

Good read.

I don't have the problem. I'm kind of a hoarder, but I hate spending money, so each purchase I make gets vetted intensely and I take months, sometimes years between "I need that" and "I bought it". Stuff I want, but do not need, I won't even think about buying. If I don't need it, I won't spend money on it.

So I still have a laptop from the 1990s, but I only have three laptops in total.

If I didn't passionately hate spending money for myself I would probably be very cluttered, too. When giving gifts on the other hand, I am not stingy at all.

But even as a kid I hated parting with stuff I owned. Tech or none tech. Not sure why I have such a hard time letting go of stuff I don't actually need anymore.


BlueHat wrote

You have a broken link in the "Related Articles" section. The very last one. The file that it points to doesn't have a ".html" extension.


Strangeways wrote

Good article. Everyone of us knows a hoarder.