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status page not DDOSED yet :

this is huge, because Fastmail is used by millions of people , stores no logs at all if you set it to not, enforces ssl end to end on all emails from employees if you set it to, and never once in federal court records of trial transcripts provided collected data for nations outside Australia.

THIS IS HUGE and means their current levels of anti-DDOS were blown away somehow, or millions of IP origin addresses are using surgical targeting of crafted fuzzing , or too many half-connects to 'tar pit overrun' their ip connection tables in their anti-ddos tools.

Alternatives to Cloudflare DDoS protection (unranked, some not relevant) :

BitMitigate (only censored free speech servers once)
Digital ocean
Imperva Incapsula
Dynu Dynamic DNS
Neustar SiteProtect
Corero Network Security
F5 Networks
Arbor Network
Century Link
A10 Networks
Corero Network Security
Akamai Technologies

do your research, and if needed use two in a cascade.

Chances are, FastMail coded their own anti-DDOS to stop well funded attacks , but .... poorly.



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dontvisitmyintentions said ()

Fastmail is based in Australia, which subjects it to the "Assistance and Access Bill" which introduces secret warrants, gag orders, and backdoors. Like VPNs in similar jurisdictions, you can not take seriously any claims to deleting logs or other privacy trust.


Rambler said ()

Is it based there, as in, that is where the company is registered?

Or is it based there, as in, that is where the servers are?

If that's just where the company is registered, no big deal really. (As far as I know) If the servers / infrastructure for the service is there, then that is more worrisome.


dontvisitmyintentions said ()

It's registered in AU and they have operations there, but they claim the "main servers" are in the US.

The CEO griped that secret code added to their platform, required by the law, could foul their operations or get accidentally fixed, so they certainly think they're subject to it.


BlackWinnerYoshi said ()

Fastmail location is not really a problem, but there are others that make it the second worst e-mail provider, the first one being Hushmail. I would only use it for its JMAP thing supports, but most people use IMAP instead, so why bother? Just use Riseup (or Disroot if you don't have the invite code) - you don't even have to pay for it!


dontvisitmyintentions said ()

How friendly to free speech is riseup? It certainly doesn't present itself as such.

For example, would it be less likely to kick off somebody using their email service in a flyer they don't like than Protonmail? Everybody gushes over these little services, yet the first change they have of calling you a racist for something you didn't even do with their service, they will cut you off.

What's the point of feeding communists, who hate me, all my data voluntarily?