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The site was pretty much dead after they pivoted to censorship. But I feel like there may be some other reasons (like the owner got paid off or threatened) behind the scenes that caused the pivot. I guess we'll never know. seems to be where everyone who is looking for an Reddit alt is going.



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Rambler said ()

Encourage them to come here.

The .win community obviously has a more sleek design, but they don't do much in terms of privacy from what I recall. Call me when they allow access through alternative networks and work properly without javascript or 3rd party elements embedded into their site.


mr4channer said ()

shill this place.


awdrifter OP said ()

I think my post got deleted, it didn't even show up on my history on Ruqqus.


BlackWinnerYoshi said ()

It's simply Ruqqus censorship. Maybe I should've archived the site when they started doing it, but now I'm going to wait until they make Ruqqus read-only, so I can hopefully grab everything as JSON+WARC, maybe images too.