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Rambler said () (edited )

While reading about this earlier I was shocked to learn just how common Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is for everyday communication between friends, family and relatives. In some parts of the world, the vast majority of communication is now done on these platforms, all under the same umbrella.

So while I hate Facebook, it's just bizzare to me how in some areas of the world it's used predominately for their chat apps / messenger for important communication.

Like, maybe get your grandma's phone number and call her or send your girlfriend a text message.

EDIT: And from a sysadmin perspective, it always makes you feel a bit better when things like this happen. If companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Playstation, etc can have widescale outages that impact millions of users/customers then it makes you feel a bit better when you goof up something relatively small that only impacts a handful of people.


ghast said ()

On Reddit a lot of people think Facebook did this on purpose to suppress this "whistleblower" calling for more censorship.

If the outage was a conspiracy to suppress something, I would guess that would be the Pandora papers, not this lady.