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This is the future the elites are preparing for. I believe one of the main purposes of vaccine mandates is to people accustomed to needing approval from a smartphone app to do basic things like work and go to the grocery store. Another creepy part of this was the "animal rights" link. It talks about giving human rights to animals once lab grown meat is common. This would make it impossible for communities and individuals who want to opt out of the technocratic control grid to be self sufficient.



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takeheart said ()

universal fundamental rights What those may be I wonder? Let's go on trusty wikipedia which totally never lies nor promotes interests of israel and learn. third sentence says you have no rights and links on agenda 21. You have been opted out of your rights it seems before you had the chance to opt out of technocracy.

Also that's one hell of bloated website. At least when wannabe masters use it they suffer as much as us peasants.