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Wahaha wrote

Everything is transitory. Without someone making an effort to preserve it, everything will be lost to time eventually.

I'm an archivist by nature. I have an innate desire to preserve things. That's why I got ~30TB worth of data, growing.

Looking back at movies from the 1920s pains me, since most of them are lost. And that's only going back a mere hundred years. Since Old Earth is a thing that is plausible, humanity might have survived multiple extinction events which occur about every 10.000 years or so. Each time whatever we build up got destroyed so hard, that even the knowledge that it ever existed is now lost. All that remains are myths about an event cheerfully described as the apocalypse.

What's a mere blog compared to the accumulations of the entire human race? Multiple times over, no less.

Everything is transitory. Including our very universe.


takeheart wrote (edited )

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Also here is my autist of the day Reading stuff like this touches my soul almost as deep as Baudrillard or Crowley does, and those are supposed to be in every library. So it's not like stuff disappears, more like it becomes so strange that no one can read it and comprehend, the reader itself disappears. One should take care to preserve their sanity, no amount of terabytes of storage will help with that.