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Wingless wrote

Okay, here's an anomaly: I followed that link, got to the list of alternate forums ( ), checked to see if Ramble was on it ... got to a site that looks like this one, active forum, called Raddle. No listing for Ramble. There's probably a whole bunch of alt-universes through Tor ... is there a Razzle, Raggle, Raddle... ? Seems like there should be more crossovers.


BlackWinnerYoshi wrote

Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, we're not going to talk about Raddle while saying it's good. (okay, you didn't really say it's good, but you're suggesting to me a bit) Not only Raddle is heavily leftist, it's also of the bad type, which is the “social justice warrior” type. So please, don't use it. Although, maybe I could add Ramble to the list if I write a comment or an e-mail. (I would complain about them using ProtonMail, but uhh, I use it too… that would make me a hypocrite)


Rambler wrote (edited )

Raddle isn't pro privacy. They ban Tor exits, still using a v2 onion URL that you have to hunt to find and seems to try to discourage Tor use.


Wingless wrote

I don't use the company presets for politics, so I'm as out of place in any forum as any other. But blocking Tor is pretty good evidence of villainy.