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When did I say that? It is the official I2P code host. I'm a member of the I2P team, I run the service, we own the "I2P Developers" namespace. We approved the TOS before they went into effect on zzz.i2p. We require GPG for our commits so all the checkins are attributable to the person who checked them in. People who want to can file an issue with the TOS in the TOS repository I linked before. I can't guarantee that I will take action on it but the catch-all answer behind the answer to issues with my TOS is to host more competing git hosts on I2P, which I wrote an easy-to-follow guide for that is linked prominently in the TOS.

It's open to the community so the community can contribute, and host their own code if they want. In the same way another team member ran the old mtn host. The only difference is that I can allow people to join gitlab and use it as a public code host, whereas mtn was open only to the I2P team.


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It's a service hosted and administered by me, personally, and made available to the community.

I guess I misunderstood that.