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Start making functional websites. Developers who know what they are doing and have a brain cell understand that a website doesn't need css, pretty styling, and loads of javascript. What it needs is to load quickly, work properly, and be easy to use (NOT IN ALL CASES!). Start making the web more functional, and stop implementing ads, trackers, and junk. You might as well inject yourself with a living disease. Don't do that to your website. I beg you.



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TallestSkil said ()

The trick is to never learn JavaScript (or have post-traumatic stress from the professor who taught it to you such that you don’t remember it), and therefore you won’t be ABLE to code a website with bad JavaScript. It’s the perfect solution.

Joking (am I?) aside, you’re obviously right. What we need to fight back is a browser explicitly designed to destroy all tracking mechanisms. And not just the obvious ones. For example, wipe all loaded websites of the ability to track cursor location and page scroll depth. Automatically erase all HTTP referrers from every single link so websites have no idea where you came from when you got to a specific page (make them think you manually typed in the URL every time). Oh, and the big one:

A WEBSITE SHOULD ONLY BE ABLE TO SEE COOKIES FROM ITS OWN DOMAIN. IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE ANY CAPABILITY WHATSOEVER TO EVEN SEE A RANDOMIZED, ANONYMIZED HASH OF WHAT OTHER COOKIES ARE ON THE DEVICE. When I heard that browsers just let any website see any other website’s cookies, I was so fucking appalled that I couldn’t put it into words. The mere idea of such a security flaw never even occurred to me, yet it’s literally common practice in browsers.


Wahaha said ()

The weirdest thing to me is how browsers don't auto-delete cookies per default. 99.99% of cookies are completely useless to a user. And if website login could just work via certificates instead of using passwords, it would be 100%.


DaarkDev OP said ()

Wow, that's absurd! I absolutely agree. Thanks for giving everyone some good advice!


BoJack said ()

I mean, most people will do so regardless; solely because ruining their website in this way will make them money