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Hi Ramble friends! Wishing you all a pleasant 2022. As you know, Mr. John @Rambler hosts some privacy oriented alternative frontends for us to use like IncogSnoo and IncogTube.

I'd like to share some more clearnet services that I use and recommend over at to those looking to reduce their BigTech fingerprint.

  • Piped: Similar to Invidious, but you can watch livestreams and those music only videos that are unavailable on Invidous. Downside to Invidious is that it requires JS
  • Nitter: Alternative front-end for Twitter
  • Bitwarden: Password manager
  • Pleroma: Twitter-style microblogging platform on the Fediverse (like Mastodon)
  • Libreddit: Alternative-FE to Reddit

Hope you find them useful. Cheers!



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