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smartypants said () (edited )

Brave Browser Was Exposing Addresses in Tor Mode for Months:

What about .Zil?

I PREDICT IT HAS AN EXACT SIMILAR and just as scary leak out to DNS of addresses that use .zil secure private psuedo-TLD!

.zil leaks to DNS of ISP?

Blockchain Domain Names, No Renewal Fees, Ever. your name record on a Zilliqa BLOCKCHAIN revocable only by you, and auto converted to full URL of your preference via a small open source addon to all main browsers, that resolves .zil addresses

for example

ramble.zil might map to

but this buggy brave browser might accidentally , if broswer extension missing or turned off, REVEAL TO FEDS that you tied to go to "ramble.zil" because the same fuctards sending onion urls to DNS leaking your actions to feds, will now also send any clicked links that go to a.zil address to try and resolve a .zil at your ISPs DNS


Feb 8 2021 : How to resolve .zil domain names :

Sites for privacy will all soon offer an alternative url using a .zil to redirect to CURRENT preferred net address... even if a raw IP and port on a anti-DDOS service site.

.zil is the future of free speech and unstoppable domains, and i bet brave bug merely hard compares the word ".onion" and will now leak ".zil", just like the bug a few days ago.

fucktard coding.

PD. Also rambler :

read that last tutorial link and actually create a record you control for for "ramble.zil" before the ADL or SPLC subverts you and makes one first.


spc50 said () (edited )

Amazing how aggressive Brave is at spinning PR. Anything to protect your advertising revenue and shitcoin. How much $$$$ is enough for your people? Atypical Silicon Valley greed that 80% of the flyover zone of the US is tired of.

That ghacks post happened and already had their devs and known Brave workers commenting.

Too bad Brave isn't as aggressive about security, exposing customers, risk mitigation, etc. Took a month to patch this. Untold number of people, sites, etc. exposed. You should be liable for that as well as the leak. All created because of your ad shit. See dev notes.

It's is NOT a feature to bundle a half a$$ed lousy implementation of Tor browser functionality. Then claim it isn't a replacement. Then claim it isn't suitable for absolute anonymity. At best the feature is a novelty for lazy end users and to capture more usage data for those too unaware to use a site like Tor2Web. I sure wish the Tor developers would speak up about what Brave did and continues to do.

If anyone should know better, it is Yan Zhu, Brave's head of security. How many people has Yan knew where security mattered and subsequent unearthing of them resulted in death and long detention?

Yan, this isn't a game friend. Brave you people aren't. You are inept, short sighted and dangerous to people exercising free speech and free thought in oppressive environments. That includes in the ever problematic United States, China, etc.

Solution, remove Tor functionality from your browser. How many people need to be detained, how many imprisoned, how many dare I say killed due to your negligent leaking?