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smartypants said () (edited )


Thank you deeply, for this research!

Sorry about fascists at Reddit blocking and censoring you on r/privacy, though other groups their might let your research get posted.

AVOID censoring dumpster-fire kiked sites like Ruqqus or Poal. Poal censors DAILY, popular things that might name Jews or agitate feelings of Blacks.

Two censored Poal posts this week examples!


Example one , from Feb 2021 , The mere image of the Letter "R", merely the single letter "R" got a valued highly educated user de-facto BANNED , his "s/Funny" post marked NSFW, and the letter R entire thread moved from +66 upvotes on "Funny" to censored and hidden "Shitpostsub"

See? The thin-skinned admins actually de-facto banned a user for merely posting a single post to Funny of the letter R:

Poal CENSORS Daily!

Here is a second censored rising popular thread, banned and shoahed off the front page of "News", deleted this week in Feb 2021, ironically moved to hidden "Censorship" site by the kike admins from "News" :

That WAS a link to famous front page "s/News" story on thegatewaypundit about jewed Parler banning people who make Jew jokes, like the actual Jew Milo Yiannopoulos does. (Yes he mocks jews and christians and muslims alike).

The CENSORED title of the thread banned on Poal this week is entitled :

PARLER first week back : Now Banning Conservatives who write jokes about (((Democrats))). ‘Free Speech’ Platform Parler Bans Milo Yiannopoulos!!! May be allowed on shadowban.

And the kikes at Poal BANNED that news article , but not much later articles, merely because that title used echoes ((())). Using echoes on Poal can get your content or you, banned by the jews that run! is a kiked, censoring, DUMPSTER FIRE

I am on a tangent, sorry...

Regarding Brave Browser DNS leak.....

80% of Brave was written by Apple via Safaris source code WebKit (yes really) :

that Apple Safari webKit was "forked" and renamed Chrome, then renamed Chromium by Google.

Chrome too is still 70% written by Apple (WebKit).

Also not only Brave, and Chrome, but THESE BROWSERS are all 70% or more Chromium source code:

  • Vivaldi (70% Chromium source code (Apple))
  • Microsoft Edge in 2018 onward (70% Chromium source code (Apple))
  • Brave in 2020 onward (80% Chromium source code (Apple))
  • Opera in 2019 onward (70% Chromium source code (Apple))
  • Opera Reborn 3 in 2019 onward (70% Chromium source code (Apple))

All are Chromium org source, all up to date with private GUI addons to monetize and make money.

Those all add private closed source crap, as does Google, but Google announces total war this month Feb 2021 on those three and started deleting and removing code from the hosted Chromium source code the three browsers share !!!


On March 15, 2021, Google will limit access to many Chrome application programming interfaces (API) inside the open-source Chromium web browser:


the point of my rambling is...

Checkout browsers from 12 months ago from Brave and also the others I mentioned and do quick regression test of your suspicions.

Then , also before blaming brave, get a person to bring a laptop to your place and do a test with their device.

You might have a MITM (Man in The Middle) malware installed by feds in yyour test machine and it might not be braves fault.

Or you were hacked with the V8 exploits last month in many browsers.

Chrome zero-day bug that is actively being abused by bad folks affects Edge, Brave, Vivaldi, and other Chromium-tinged browsers:

But SPREAD THE WORD!!! Just ignore the kiked censoring site. It is actively against disclosures of the main law enforcement oriented agencies cyber tools and means : (CIA/NSA/NRO/FBI/DIA/USDOJ/State Dept INR/USAFISR/DOE/DHS/TFI/ONSI/NSF/ etc)