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Anon_i_mouss said ()

My biggest gripe and one of the reasons I sort of moved away from using it was     simply how it handles DNS requests. I found that it was what was constantly changing     my /etc/resolv.conf to use Cloudflare for DNS when not accessing Lokinet

Now you have the option to set the DNS of your choice even if Cloudflare was default. Probably in the next update quad9 will be the default.

BUT, I couldn't shake the feeling that the goal was more to create a cryptocurrency than it was to create a network that solves any of the problems of pre-existing networks of similar fashion (Tor, I2P, Yggdrasil, ZeroNet, etc) and was put off by the high cost of running service nodes, registering domains, etc.

The goal is to create a network that is sybil attack resistant based on Oxen's economy. That is something no other network has done. If blockchain was the best way to decentralize anything and lokinet depends upon oxen blockchain for validating service nodes and for ons functionality, lokinet is doing good.

I run an I2P router, I run a Yggdrasil node, I'm spinning up some Tor stuff soon to test. I understand the concept of wanting to reduce the likelihood of sybill attacks by 'making it too expensive' for any single party or government to 'control the network' by deploying a large number of nodes to analyze traffic... But let's be real. Governments have unlimited budgets (not "really", but you know what I mean...) when it comes to things like 'cyber security' and 'national security'. Just because some script kiddie isn't going to spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to deploy a bunch of relays, exits, or other network nodes to analyze traffic doesn't mean governments won't. They will. And they do this on other networks already, whether publicly or not. They'd be stupid not to. (Not that I condone it, but it's worth pointing out that it's very likely)

Budget does not matter. At some point service node registration will not just be too expensive but practically impossible.

About the funding, the network is funded by the service nodes run by the team.

I like the idea of Session more than I like the idea of another anonymity network that requires buying their crypto to do common things

Running a hidden service or using it does not require oxen. I doubt if you were the one who actually setup a SNApp for Ramble since you do not know this basic thing. And nothing is "their crypto". oxen is decentralized.

That's the first time I've really gone on a Loki rant in public, but that's sort of how I've been feeling lately. Someone please come prove me wrong

Read above pls.


Rambler said ()

Perhaps things have changed. I'll re-review it in time. I previously had ramble as a snapp but I had no Oxen at the time, so someone else bought the domain (which, at the time, was more expensive than a normal .com or TLD).


Anon_i_mouss said ()

Since Lokinet is an implementation of LLARP, OPTF's goal is not to create just a network for anonymity but an infrastructure on which this network will exist.