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dontvisitmyintentions said ()

Reddit- and discord-only is a deal-breaker. If I wanted to get or give help, I have every expectation I'd be banned without recourse or reason, and I likely wouldn't be able to tell whether the project guys did it or not. (I assume telegram is similar, since it's not open.)

Also, their rebranding is just flashily confusing enough to turn me off. "Oxen is many things" and using a generic noun for a name reinforces my impression that they are going for branding at the expense of comprehensibility.

This is what happens when a project goes after r/bitcoin instead of IRC.

Also, I looked at what it does to dns, and I'm not impressed with how much it touches, invoking resolveconf and systemd-resolve. It seems they aren't concerned with leaking data outside of a closed browser, like the Tor Browser is set up to be.