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Rambler said () (edited )

I'll try to knock it out soon. Been busy with my real job + my other project. I'll have to install Lokinet in a VM since I no longer run it locally since it causes DNS leaks when you're connected to a VPN. I'll spin up a VM and see if it still does it. If not, I'll transfer the old config over so the site resolves again over the network.

Sorry, I kind of forgot about it to be honest. I'll take a stab at it now.

EDIT: Disregard. It's enough work right now keeping the I2P, Tor and Yggdrasil networks monitored, up and playing nicely, none of which require any DNS based modifications for resolving addresses over their respective networks. I may work up a solution that I'm more comfortable with using, but for now, I'm going to (possibly temporarily) stop promoting lokinet access / support. (IE remove it from the forum footer and update the wiki the reflect the change).