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A week or so it just stopped working out of the blue. I ran updates, fixed it, and it was working again as confirmed on here and a few messages I exchanged back/forth.

Decided to update Session on my side of things (locally) to fix a slew of issues I was facing. (No syncing between devices anymore. Lost contacts/groups. Messages showing up as "Note To Self" and being able to read/access/post in the group chat from one device, but not the other.)

So, I ran local updates. That broke stuff. Can't even access Session on my local desktop now after updating the package. No errors, nothing. Not sure where the logfile is kept to determine that cause. Updated on my phone, but I can't connect to the ramble session server from it. (No error given) My VM install connects just fine but it's a different user account and I'm not wanting to switch to it.

I can't use my recovery phrase on more than one device anymore(?) so seems like I'd have to create a new session account, and use it to admin the Session Public Chat that I already rarely use.

Just seems like too much work and headache for a service that isn't quite ready for everyday use yet. I'll come back and explore it more later this year when it's developed a bit more and the kinks worked out. I like what they're trying to achieve and will happily support it once it gets there.

For now I'm going to repurposed the server for something else that will hopefully get more use.

If you want a group chat, there is always #ramble on IRC2P if you use I2P.



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BlackWinnerYoshi said ()

So, the Ramble Public Chat on Session is no more for now. And sure, #ramble on IRC2P is there, but what about making an XMPP group chat? XMPP has been around since 1999, and is more stable than Session. And yes, people would need to make an account with username and password, but I don't think it would be a problem. Also, I have sent an e-mail to trustedsetup at protonmail dot com to update Session Open Group Directory to cross out


Rambler OP said ()

I've thought about an XMPP group as well, and may still launch something like that in the future. For now, I'm limiting the amount of servers / projects I need to care for. If someone else wants to set one up, I'd be happy to join and chit-chat here and there as I'm able. It doesn't have to be ramble branded, just any ramble-specific group on a pre-existing XMPP server would suffice.