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Rambler said ()

I'm still confused as to what is even required (cost wise) to run stuff on the network and contribute. Is there even a chart or graph somewhere that says, "To do this, it requires this much Oxen"? I know to register a .loki domain was or is 30-Oxen which was about $15/USD at last check weeks ago

And the reward aspect intrigued me as I wanted to have some Oxen to just have, but I have no way to get Oxen that is convenient to me, apparently, I just never felt like jumping through the hurdle of buying BTC, converting, etc and dealing with the loss in fees when I'm already springing money for a server. So I have to get some other coin, convert to Oxen, use that Oxen then to give to the network so I can contribute network resources that are already costing me money to the network, in the hopes that I will earn back what I originally contributed?

If all I'm doing is wanting to contribute network resources to projects I like and support it's easier to just support I2P, Yggdrasil and Tor and I can still pat myself on the back for doing some digital good.

I still feel like the interest is more in the coin than the network at this point. And that's not inherently bad or wrong.


boobs said ()

nothing has ever stopped anyone from running a network fork with no staking requirement, it has always been supported but there has never been enough interest for it to materialize. I wish someone would step up but no one has yet.