How to get rid of these ads in brave?

Submitted by Herbie in brave

They're all Amazon affiliate links which I understand they do but I can't blocklist these ads because they're embedded into the software. Ex: right click, copy URL = a data:image/jpg;base64 URL.



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dontvisitmyintentions wrote

Disable "Brave Today" entirely and they go away. You can always subscribe to those other sites' feeds in a real feed reader.


Herbie OP wrote

To be clear I just want to block the domain that downloads these images to my Brave homepage. I know that the text will still be there.


Rambler wrote

I'm not certain it is possible since it's likely hard coded into the browser and pulling those images direct from Amazon.


RAMBLE1 wrote (edited )

You can block the url address at the host level. Your PC wont be able to make connection with that/these url's.

  • file location /etc/host
  • You probably don't need to restart anything, unless there is a temporary cache of the DNS somewhere. To restart networking and clear the DNS cache on Debian and Ubuntu: 'sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart'
  • You'll find more info here under 'What is a hosts file'

spc50 wrote (edited )

Pretty sure those are funny and sneaky ads done as a base 64 work around :)

Doubt going to block them with domain lookups. Have to isolate which domain to start which might prove to be rather complicated.

Those ads go in like this:


Their affiliate link (end destination URL) is: