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Well, you could look at it that way, but remember that a community is a filter bubble of sorts anyway. However, people who realize that would always have the option of reading the unblocked unfollowed feed. In other words, they could just read everything.


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Yes, you could follow someone who is not following you, but you could always adjust who you are following. Being limited to 150 would cause you to naturally think about whether you should remove people from your "follow" list who are perhaps not interested in following you. When you have a limited number of slots you will be more careful with them than if you have, say, 1000 slots.


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So you could follow someone who doesn't follow you and never get a reply back?

Reddit already was a shot at this problem with all the subreddits and we see how that scaled.

Also, you need to shoot lower than Dunbar, since that includes people you socialize with in RL. (Family, work, friends)


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I have some ideas about how to enable better communities on sites that are not small. One is to allow users to follow each other but limit the number of people each user can follow to 150 (Dunbar's number). I hope this will cause users to naturally clump together in small groups that will become their online social circle.


interdicted wrote

47 USC 230, which is explicitly Constitutionally illegal as well as violating 47 USC 202, gives the ability to telecommunications companies on the internet the ability to be exempt from prosecution for denying service to anyone if someone makes a complaint that something is offensive in any way.

What this means is that any necessary service can totally dictate the internet by obstructing communications and denying access to markets and platforms as long as one person says it's offensive.

At the top of the pyramid of control is the ISPs, followed by the DNS, followed by the platforms they can turn off without any legal liability at any time by just saying it's offensive in some way.

It's total control over communications and internet markets for the telecommunications companies and the Feds planted in them.

Things like i2P and tor allow people to run sites without the DNS, but the ISPs can shut them down entirely. i2P is far more resistant to an ISP shut down than Tor.

It doesn't surprise me that TLS would be weaponized because the USA's Federal government wants the maximal amount of leverage in case it loses control over other mechanisms.

And it is the Federal government behind the censorship. They coordinate the blacklists through the fusion centers and they are the ones preventing prosecution of the tech companies under 47 USC 202 which would nullify 47 USC 230 as unConstitutional. They're in total control of this system of manufacturing consent through communications obstruction, and they are the ones responsible for its continuation. It's the FBI and DOJ doing this to the USA.


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Thanks for the list. Been somewhat busy but I read part of the first two books and have been looking into various resources about the “new world order” concept.

Started to think you might be on to something after seeing

And especially

It is true, of course, that there were Jews connected with Free Masonry from its birth, students of the Kabbala, as is shown by certain rites which survive. It is very probable, too, that in the years preceding the outbreak of the French Revolution, they entered in greater numbers than ever, into the councils of the secret societies, becoming, indeed, themselves the founders of secret associations. There were Jews in the circle around Weishaupt, and a Jew of Portuguese origin, Martinez de Pasquales, established numerous groups of illuminati in France and gathered a large number of disciples...

Kabbalah seems to have been pretty influential to various mystical orders that endorse the NWO concept (Theosophists, Freemasons, Illuminati, and Rosicrucians). Those groups are influenced by a lot of other traditions too though, ranging from ancient Egyptian religion to Buddhism, European paganism, and Christianity. I would have to read more to understand whether there is something about Kabbalah specifically that is influencing that belief in a new world order, or whether it is just a situation where various people and groups interested in mysticism were happy to also incorporate Jewish mysticism.

It looks like the new world order concept started with theosophist Sir Francis Bacon and his book “New Atlantis”. I haven’t read it, but from reading about it on Wikipedia, “New Atlantis” sounds like a pretty good society. Judging from George Washington’s letters about the Illuminati, I’m guessing the Freemasons were a decent organization prior to Illuminati infiltration. Maybe the “novus ordo seclorum” idea started out as something ok as well. I hear that “Proofs of a Conspiracy” is a good read.

Also interesting that many Jews believe their messiah will bring world peace, which I suppose would require a global government. And yeah there are some Jewish supremacists who think they’re supposed to have thousands of goyim slaves or servants in the end times. Interesting too that masons and Jews are both very interested in the building of the third temple in Jerusalem. If you’re right about Jewish culture being the foundation of the NWO, I guess that stuff would be part of it. So far I haven’t come across a “smoking gun” for such theories though.

Really the main issue I have is with what people in power are doing, and not cultural or religious reasons for why they may be doing it. The Chinese are pretty far ahead with many goals shared by people behind the NWO plan. Chinese culture is good in some respects but they have a central bank digital currency, lots of surveillance, vaccine passports, and they’re into transhumanism. If the NWO plan fails and the Chinese eventually take over and start forcing that stuff on people in the US, my issue will just be with everyone at the top of the power structure, the enforcers, and specific ideas which are more common in Chinese culture. I won’t start railing against Chinese culture in general or Chinese people… then again I can see how opposing Chinese cultural influence in general might be necessary to foster enough nationalism for an effective resistance. But there would also be potential for inspiring pointless violence against random Chinese people if it’s too negative about Chinese culture rather than positive about American culture. That’s an issue I have with some people who are into the “jewish question” stuff. Some people take it to absurd extremes thinking any influence jews have had on culture must be inherently bad just because it is jewish influence.

I’m guessing most pro-Israel Christians are influenced by John Hagee and pastors like him. My parents really like him. I don’t think they have a Scofield Reference Bible. I’m agnostic but just looking at observable facts about the current power structure, the idea that the end times are near AND the NWO is going to be against Israel makes very little sense. The only thing that almost helps it make sense is that the UN has regularly condemned Israeli government actions against the Palestinians.


TallestSkil wrote

If you know a good resource on that subject I’ll take a look

  • The Culture Of Critique – Kevin MacDonald
  • The Jewish Religion, Its Influence Today – Elizabeth Dilling
  • Behind Communism – Frank L. Britton
  • By Way of Deception – Victor Ostrovsky
  • Esau’s Tears Modern Antisemitism and the Rise of the Jews, 1870-1933 – Albert Lindemann
  • How the Jews Betrayed Mankind (volumes 1 and 2)
  • New History of the Jews – Eustace Mullins
  • On the Jews and their Lies – Martin Luther
  • The Israel Lobby - John J. Mearsheimer & Stephen M. Walt
  • The Sampson Option – Seymour M. Hirsch
  • The Talmud Unmasked – I. B. Pranaitis
  • Zionism, the Hidden Tyranny – Benjamin Freedman

If you’re pressed for time, just read the first two.

And Christians, especially boomers tend to believe that the NWO will be vehemently against Israel.

It is. As in, Christian Israel. Christendom. Boomers are retarded brainwashed puppets who worship jews because they read the Scofield bible instead of the real Bible.


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By jewish culture, what are you referring to? International finance? Zionism? Freemasonry? Marxism? Tikkun Olam?

As far as I can tell, people in these think tanks have various motivations and will be competing among themselves for power in the NWO if they are successful. The main thing they have in common is that they want there to be more centralized power and want to use technology for this. I see the situation as an inevitable consequence of the industrial revolution, which would have eventually happened in some form regardless of whether Jews ever existed or not. Every race has some percentage of sociopathic and narcissistic people who are good at climbing to the top of power structures and get addicted to obtaining more power. There are many Zionists in the think tank organizations plus there's the Rothschilds but the Zionists don't seem to have full control. I mean, the UN keeps getting on Israel's case regarding the Palestinians.

Anyways, analyzing to what extent this is a "jew world order" plan is a topic of interest to a pretty small number of people. If you know a good resource on that subject I’ll take a look, but a lot of people are repelled by the thought of even looking into it. And Christians, especially boomers tend to believe that the NWO will be vehemently against Israel. I’m not sure it’s productive to try to convince them otherwise. It may more important for people know a specific list of names and location info for the major players. (I admit, I don’t want to be the one to do it. I don’t even want to think about the attention I might get from intelligence agencies if I did that.). For many people, what is going on is an emergency. They’ve been fired from their job or locked up or they’re being overwhelmed with fines. If someone randomly starts attacking you, you’re more interested in stopping the threat than analyzing what his motivation and cultural background is. A list of specific names, with documented explanation of their involvement (no location info) is less likely to be censored than something like that with jewish stars on peoples heads. Also, rebellion against central banks is very normie friendly, even on Reddit. Especially on r/satoshistreetbets, r/wallstreetsilver, r/wallstreetbets. Hopefully enough people will switch to crypto and silver to disrupt at least some of their plans.


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It's true there's a disproportionate amount of jews in positions of power and I think there is ethnic nepotism going on but I don't think it's the most important thing to call out. Everyone with a significant role in the creation of the "new world order" should probably... well... be made uncomfortable at least. It's not like the Rockefellers should be treated more harshly if some peoples theory that they are jews turns out to be correct. The important thing is to direct anger towards the puppet masters rather than the puppets. You can talk about specific people without talking about them being jews. Anger directed towards "the jews" sometimes gets taken out on random jews and that doesn't benefit anyone.


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Too many whites today are scared to death of a simple 6 letter word (RACIST) Whites have given power over the word Racist Becase so many fear being called racist , what they dont realize is if they are white they are already labeld as racist behind there backs so all that tip toeing around like slaves to a word is for nothing ! I refuse to let that word or any other word have power over my life!!