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interdicted wrote

47 USC 230, which is explicitly Constitutionally illegal as well as violating 47 USC 202, gives the ability to telecommunications companies on the internet the ability to be exempt from prosecution for denying service to anyone if someone makes a complaint that something is offensive in any way.

What this means is that any necessary service can totally dictate the internet by obstructing communications and denying access to markets and platforms as long as one person says it's offensive.

At the top of the pyramid of control is the ISPs, followed by the DNS, followed by the platforms they can turn off without any legal liability at any time by just saying it's offensive in some way.

It's total control over communications and internet markets for the telecommunications companies and the Feds planted in them.

Things like i2P and tor allow people to run sites without the DNS, but the ISPs can shut them down entirely. i2P is far more resistant to an ISP shut down than Tor.

It doesn't surprise me that TLS would be weaponized because the USA's Federal government wants the maximal amount of leverage in case it loses control over other mechanisms.

And it is the Federal government behind the censorship. They coordinate the blacklists through the fusion centers and they are the ones preventing prosecution of the tech companies under 47 USC 202 which would nullify 47 USC 230 as unConstitutional. They're in total control of this system of manufacturing consent through communications obstruction, and they are the ones responsible for its continuation. It's the FBI and DOJ doing this to the USA.


HMTg927 OP wrote

I believe you Interdicted, but I have not been able to find anything that does more than give a vague sense that the government is orchestrating the death of Internet free speech from behind the scenes. Do you have any good references for exactly how they are doing it?