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Newsflash for Navalny supporters: Google is a private company! Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences! Don't like it? Make your own platform! /s

[W]hen they wouldn’t comply with censorship demands, the Kremlin sent armed men to sit in Google’s Moscow offices for hours. Russian parliament also summoned representatives from both Google's and Apple’s offices to a session on the Navalny app, where they were berated and threatened. The government reportedly named specific Google employees it would prosecute if the company didn’t delete the app, and the same plausibly went for Apple. And, poof, the following morning, both companies folded and removed Smart Voting from their app stores



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awdrifter wrote

While I don't agree with government censorship, Russia is a sovereign nation, they get to set their own rules. If Google wants to open an office and do business there, it'll have to play by Putin's rules.