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According to this article, in 2017 the following companies starting exchanging "hash tags" of things to censor from the internet: "GIFCT founders Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube have access to the list, as do Airbnb, Amazon, Discord, Dropbox, Instagram, Just Paste It, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Mega, Pinterest, Tumblr, WhatsApp, and WordPress." (I should also credit Jihad Watch, especially since they're on the list for objecting to getting killed and such lesser issues unworthy of consideration)

The files were just expanded to include manifestos, logos, and URLs...

Now a timeline was not given, and they don't seem to have implemented this expansion as of yet - I searched Google itself for "Great Replacement" and they provided the link to the link to Tarrant's manifesto, even though it's probably #1 on their List. (Unless they're being cute and allowing searches if the AI thinks you already know where it is, but I don't give them that much credit)

The article is illuminating because (a) this is near the #1 thing wrong with the world bringing down civilization, and (b) we're getting closer to me finally being able to LABEL THIS PICTURE. Now, no, I'm skeptical Just Paste It rates. Some others though like Instagram aren't really separate companies. And there are some obvious picks missing, like Experian, which seems scummy enough. But given a little time, the lineup is going to match, and a person can at least notice what is going on in an effective way for some instant.

Meanwhile -- how far does their commitment go? Is Microsoft going to start up their OSes and tell everybody there's an update and their radical PDFs have been deleted? The prediction on the floor seems to be it goes ... all the way to the end.



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