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dontvisitmyintentions wrote

ZeroNet seemed to be doing very well two months ago with as many as 20,000 users on the network at once. Then those numbers suddenly began to drop precipitously.

These are the tidbits that would otherwise be lost to history. Movements on anonymous networks might be correlated with suspected spycraft and market manipulations. When the JIDF and bots are occupied, they tend to quickly drop their current targets.

Two months ago, gold started to climb back toward its ten-year high but didn't quite reach it, and also bitcoin began a sharper drop that took it back down to January's all-time high. Somebody with a bullet list of geopolitical shenanigans could probably connect a few more monetary dots.

Or maybe school let out early this year.


jwick wrote

Acknowledging is awesome. Doing something about it is better.