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DeusExMachina said () (edited )

The AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine is a chimpanzee adenovirus-vectored vaccine.


That means AstraZeneca vaccine will modify your DNA through an APE modified virus . If you have to get a vaccine, take Pfizer or Sputnik V . ( I took Sputnik V personally and supported it with no problems ) . In France for example , they don't allow AstraZeneca for people younger than 55 years old ( source ) . They are afraid that genetic manipulations with the Ape virus could transmit somes unwanted ape genes to your children ( Agressivity , or else ) . We are basically like laboratory rats with those vaccines . But do not complain about that , like people were complaining about the train in 1900s because they were thinking it was dangerous . It's progress , and nothing can stop it .


onion OP said () (edited )

I agree that people taking any of them at this point are like lab rats. They were only given FDA emergency authorization not approval. I'm going to wait for FDA approval at least, if I take one at all. But just because Astrazeneca are using a virus that usually infects chimps as a vector doesn't mean that there's a risk of chimp genes being transmitted. Lots of viruses that infect humans were originally spreading in animals before jumping to humans.

I've heard less bad things about Sputnik V, and I think I'd rather get that one than the others available now, but both Sputnik and AstraZeneca are similar in that they are both viral vector vaccines, which is a relatively new technology. Not totally new like the mRNA vaccines. The technology has been used for Ebola vaccines before at least

Maybe I'll eventually get Covaxin. As far as I know, that is the only traditional vaccine for this virus which is simply made with dead coronavirus. But Sputnik would be my second choice if I was living in some country that was allied or at least friendly with Russia.