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nobody said ()

Let me present here my opition, not strictly related to "coins" about which you are asking. Instead of trying get get a quick buck, have a look at The Bitcoin Standard book. In more general terms it is like planting a tree: "The Best Time to Plant a Tree was 20 Years Ago. The Second-best Time is Now!"

Anytime someone gets interested in "anycoins" my question is: do you intend to run a node for that network during the time you own anything?

Another important thing to realize is that even the second most popular "crypto" tringy (starting with letter E) had a 72 million pre-mine in its genesis block:

$ torsocks ./
curl is /usr/bin/curl
jq is /usr/bin/jq
Timestamp: 1616268327
premine/total = 60.93400%

This means that more than 60% of this "E*" coin were created out of thin air and no real mining costs may be applied to them. Now imagine all that NFT hype… See the source of above-used script at See also article and feel free to look for the pre-mined transactions in etherscan explorer (or any other which knows about the genesis block on that network).

Live long and prosper!


Rambler OP said ()

Good response, thanks for the input. I'm just wanting to put about $20 per week into crypto for savings. I've noticed that a lot of coins you can not buy direct. So my $20 becomes more like $17 after buying and then converting to the coin of choice.

Though my $20 in LTC, converted to Theta is up 30%... but pretending I had a worthwhile amount, not sure how i'd make it useful to me.


BlackWinnerYoshi said ()

I have a feeling that either two of these coins will skyrocket: Monero or BAT(shit). And that depends on whenever people will actually start thinking about privacy, or if they'll just listen to recommendation lists prone to bribes, fanboyism, groupthink, etc. And unless we'll recommend sites like Dig Deeper ( clear net mirror, Tor v3 mirror, Tor v2 mirror, Freenet mirror, I2P mirror), the second situation will happen, and we really don't want to do that.

But of course, I could be wrong and neither of these coins will blow up, and instead, some other coin will blow up, maybe a completely new one. It's really hard to tell that far in the future. Yes, you can try to figure out which coins might blow up, but that is prone to large margin of errors, so we just have to see what the future will give when we do something about it.


J0yI9YUX41Wx said ()

I assume you don't want to get the Android dev tools and run Blockfolio in an emulated Android tablet. That sound like a straightforward app to write. The trick is getting reliable access to reference data (historical prices, etc.). Is there a site with an API that serves that info?

I'm not aware of such an app for the Linux desktop, but I'm happy to advise adventurous coders who have the time to make this app happen.


Rambler said () (edited )

Don't spam this site with this. I deleted your other threads.

Only keeping this up to archive the notion that this is most likely a scam and anyone who participates will likely lose their bitcoin and also not get whatever product that they're trying to steal.

It’s still a small company

Which makes this even worse if this actually works, which I doubt that it does.


whitestar said ()

Just make sure that whatever cryptocurrency you buy, can be traded in exchanges otherwise you will never be able to cash it out.

You are wise wanting to experiment with it without risking any real money, cryptocurrencies are highly instable and impossible to predict, treat it like a lottery, you can get lucky, not because you are smart, but because it´s luck, and more often than not, you will lose everything.


Wingless said ()

I really have been surprised they haven't done MUCH more. The entire history of Bitcoin transactions is recorded publicly. If someone paid a coin in ransom, every subsequent transaction with that coin can be tracked back to it. I know the bitcoin banks do "mixing", but to me that just seems to be a wild card -- the feds could do what they hope, which is treat the new coins like they are born innocent by the miracle of mixing, as they seem to do now. But they could also try to tax the fraction of each coin's value that came from ransom, or use asset forfeiture on the coins like they do a yacht with a reefer in a back cabin, or declare every owner of every descendant coin jointly and severally liable for all the ransom-related damages, even if most of the money can't be found. I mean, they have a LOT of cards to play, and I don't understand why they held off for so long.