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MrBlack wrote

She looks old enough that they still traded people in her day.


Wingless wrote

I really have been surprised they haven't done MUCH more. The entire history of Bitcoin transactions is recorded publicly. If someone paid a coin in ransom, every subsequent transaction with that coin can be tracked back to it. I know the bitcoin banks do "mixing", but to me that just seems to be a wild card -- the feds could do what they hope, which is treat the new coins like they are born innocent by the miracle of mixing, as they seem to do now. But they could also try to tax the fraction of each coin's value that came from ransom, or use asset forfeiture on the coins like they do a yacht with a reefer in a back cabin, or declare every owner of every descendant coin jointly and severally liable for all the ransom-related damages, even if most of the money can't be found. I mean, they have a LOT of cards to play, and I don't understand why they held off for so long.