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Yeah, you can be sent to jail because you left the country while unconscious under the effect of NERVE GAS used by the government to try to KILL you ... and Amnesty International is on the job, combing through internet postings from 20 years ago trying to say there's NOTHING WRONG HERE!

Number one: you ever SEE those Amnesty assholes again, you give them the middle finger and say NAVALNY. Nothing else worth saying can be said to them.

And it's time for the U.S. to pull out of the CBW treaty and engage in a full-scale chemical offensive weapons program, because NOBODY GIVES A SHIT.



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Rambler said ()

Oh for fuck's sake:

Artemyev wrote that Amnesty, which named Navalny a prisoner of conscience after his arrest in Moscow in January, decided to retract the designation "in light of new information" stemming from "old videos and social media posts in which Navalny made controversial pronouncements."

The comments attributed to Navalny in the mid-2000s were not specified, but Artemyev said they were made as Navalny's activism and challenge to Russian President Vladimir Putin was gaining momentum and that their reemergence "appears to be another tactic to delegitimize Navalny's work and criticism and to weaken public outcry about his detention."

So he said something in the "mid-2000s" (Let's say 2005) but no hint as to what these so-called awful things are?


J0yI9YUX41Wx said ()

Agreed. No special title for Navalny. Now, off to gulag! Wait, he's already there. Eh, stay in gulag!


spc50 said () (edited )

Sounds fine to me.

Word is US has been behind him and financing him as an insurrection agent in Russia.

Those feeling bad, just airlift him to Mexico and tell him to walk for the border of the US.

Uncle Joe doesn't care. Come on in comrade!